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Services General T&Cs

CleanPal Services takes Health and Safety Policy very seriously to ensure the health of our staff at work. Here are some important highlights of our policy: 
Please be advised that we do not move or lift heavy items, furniture, and boxes. We do not clean areas that present a risk of accidents and personal injuries, including areas that cannot be safely reached by using a 2-step step ladder.
The Client is required to provide a safe working environment for our cleaners, for example, safe electrical appliances, securely fixed wardrobes, cupboards, shelves etc. and advise us of any risks. If our cleaner is required to use your electrical appliances, please ensure that they are safe. The same applies to the cleaning products given to our cleaners. 
During and after a CleanPal Services’ visit you should expect floors and surfaces to be wet and cleaning products and equipment may be left unattended. We do not accept liability for any accidents that may arise as a result of this. It is your responsibility to take any necessary precautions to safeguard yourself, any children, vulnerable adults or any third parties who have access to your property.
Clients will not privately engage the services of any current or former CleanPal Services introduced to you by us. CleanPalServices reserves the right to claim any damages, loss of earnings, recruitment and training costs and any court costs where appropriate.
Please ensure our cleaners have access to the property on arrival, including parking. CleanPal Services will recharge to the client any amount spent to gain access to the property. 
Please spend a few moments tidying up so that our time can be devoted to provide the best of our professional serviceswhich is in this case cleaning not tidying up.

Fair Cancelation Policy

Please bear in mind that last minute cancelations will have adverse effects to our business. All cancelations made in less than 48 hours in advance of your booking will incur a 50% charge fee on the agreed hours.

Accident and Damage 

We work as carefully as possible to avoid accidents, butnevertheless sometimes accidents are inevitable. We are unable to offer any compensation, including discounts to cover the cost of any accidental damage therefore we advise our clients to ensure that they have adequate home insuranceor another other form of befitting policies. Please bear in mind tha the likeliness of accidental damage is very minimal therefore this advise is just a precaution.

Special Services 

Occasionally, we are able to provide special services requested by regular clients only. These may include ironing, bedding change, oven/fridge clean, plant watering etc. The request for these special services to be made at least 48 hours in advance of your cleaning clean slot so we can guarantee the services and agree on the extra charge. 
It is business as usual for us on public/bank holidays. If you wish to reschedule the cleaning service because it falls on the public/bank holidays, please advise CleanPal Services at least 48 hours in advance to avoid our last minute cancelation fees.
Please advise us of any items which may be fragile, require special care or attention or are irreplaceable so that we can be extra careful around them.
CleanPal Services reserve the right to take photographs of any areas the cleaner(s) considers to be of concern. Any such photographs are confidential and will be for our use only.

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